Today’s post is entitled “Call My Name When I Finish”…which is short for “How To Finish a Race and Have the Announcer Say Your Name (proper pronunciation not included)”.Disney Princess Half Marathon announcers

For those of you who don’t know I work as a race announcer primarily for the RunDisney races and Track Shack running series here in Orlando. It always brings me great joy to see familiar races at the race and to have people tell me that I “said their name”. By the same token it always makes me feel really bad when I read a Facebook comment that says something like, “I’ve finished 10 RunDisney races and the announcer never said my name once.” Gulp. My bad amigo.


So here are my tips for “How To Finish a Race and Have the Announcer Say Your Name (proper pronunciation not included)”

  1. Win. We hardly ever miss that moment.Screen Shot 2013-10-11 at 9.56.11 PM
  1. Be a celebrity. Especially one from the greatest boy band ever. Hey Joey.Joey Fatone from Nsync and RunDisney
  1. Wear your name on your shirt in BIG letters. We can read. We promise.

4. Have a short, simple name i.e. Joe Smith.

5. Finish outside of a big pack of runners. Too many runners and our announcer screen looks like the thing in the Matrix.

  1. Wear this. Hi @samurai_piggyRunDisney Race Costume
  2. Stop in front of the announcer mat and scream until we hear you and give you the proper race finishing kudos.

All jokes aside I hope we do help you celebrate that special moment and call your name when you finish. That is our job, we love it, and we try to catch as many of you as possible.

RunDisney race announcers

Hope to ‘see you real soon’ at a RunDisney race!