This post was sponsored in part by BODYARMOR. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

If we’ve met or you follow me on social media you KNOW that the holidays are my favorite time of year. The music, the gatherings, the movies, the treats! Yes I make a point to love and enjoy them all. However I also know I need to make an effort to love my health and my body so I can stay well and in the shape I want over this ‘most wonderful time of the year’.

Here are my 5 tips for getting healthy (and staying healthy) through the holiday season.

  1. Set a fitness routine
    • When you can make fitness a routine and a habit you will keep that routine and your workouts when you get busy. Use a calendar to pencil in workouts or run. I also like picking group exercise classes like OrangeTheory and booking ahead. When I book ahead I am much more likely to stick to the plan and get in my workout.Spring 1
  2. Make some rules.
    • My 2 year old needs rules. Sometimes as adults we need rules when it comes to eating. Firm rules can make it easier to say “no” to certain indulgences. No specific rules will work for everyone, however examples could include:
      • No snacking after dinner.
      • Eat an apple a day.
      • Start every dinner with a spinach salad.
      • No carbs after 4pm.
      • Fill half my plate with vegetables at dinner Monday – Thursday.
      • Only eat snacks I pack for work and nothing from the breakroom.
  1. Swap out meat for fiber-rich produce.
    • The benefits of a meat-less meal includes replacing saturated fats with a meal higher in fiber, vitamins and nutrients and one that has a positive impact on the Earth too. For the winter I love a hearty bean chili or loaded vegetable and mushroom pasta dish.
  2. Sip smart.
    • Sip smart means being aware of the calories you drink. When you’re working out (see #1 above) there are times you will want to drink more than water and you’ll need more than water to replenish electrolytes lost in sweat. To keep my calories in check I love BODYARMOR LYTE. BODYARMOR LYTE sports drink has potassium-packed electrolytes, coconut water and vitamins – and has no artificial flavors or sweeteners and no colors from artificial sources. BODYARMOR LYTE is naturally sweetened with only 20 calories per serving.
      BODYARMR Lyte and fitness
  3. Pick Your Treat
    • I think as adults we learn that sometimes we simply can’t have it all. So pick your treat. If you want wine, have the wine. If you want a slice of pie, have the slice of pie. If you love your Aunt’s mac ‘n cheese then have the mac ‘n cheese, but you can’t have all 3. Pick your treat. Sit to eat it. Enjoy it and know that you’re making smart choices for your body.

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